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Medical Degree to Financially Free provides a 5 Step Process to help you pay down debt, invest toward individualized goals, and find the financial freedom you deserve.

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Reviews from Prior MDFF Students

Don't take it from me... take it from them.


You have two choices...

Road A or Road B

If you choose to enroll in Medical Degree to Financially Free.


This is Road A, which leads to:

  • A step-by-step financial guide that makes money simple.

  • No more financial stress.

  • Being on the same financial page with your partner or spouse.

  • Paying off your student loan debt sooner than you can imagine.

  • Finding the financial freedom to Practice medicine because you want to, and not because you have to...

  • Having the leverage to say "no" because you are financially free.

  • Retiring when you want, how you want, as EARLY as you want.

Road B is caused by indecision.  You don't take the course you desperately need.


You already know what that looks like:

  • Feeling financial stress and not being sure where to start.

  • Lacking autonomy at work, because of a lack of financial strength.

  • Variable costs ending up on credit cards.

  • Feeling worried about spending too much or saving too little.

  • Attempting to budget and failing (again).

  • Financial arguments with your partner or spouse.

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Testimonials from Prior MDFF Students

Whitney Smith, MD

"Through the Medical Degree to Financially Free (MDFF) course, I have taken steps toward paying down my student loan debt quickly, and have designed a plan that will allow me to achieve financial freedom sooner than I thought was possible. Personal finance no longer intimidates me. I highly recommend this course for any physician or physician trainee."

Stephen Freiberg, MD

"Dr. Turner not only clearly teaches the important concepts one needs to understand in order to achieve financial freedom, but provides you with a detailed, step-by-step plan.  But the true value of this course, is in Dr. Turner. He is so passionate about helping physicians find success. He's a true asset to have in your financial corner.  I have no doubt that this course will pay off in multiples, both in dollars and happiness, for years to come."

Jeff Bank, MD

The amount of financial knowledge I gained in a short amount of time has been hugely valuable and is going to save me tens of thousands in the long-term. I appreciated Jimmy's engaging teaching style and the dynamic way in which he presented information in a whiteboard fashion. He explains concepts in a way that both beginners and experts can glean useful knowledge.

All The Tools You Need To Find Financial Freedom

This course includes 5 Steps:

  • Step 1: Determining Your Financial Goals How can you get to where you are going, if you don't where that is? I'll take you through a proven process to figure out your goals.
  • Step 2: Cash Flow is King Determine how to create cash flow, find the rocks that are sinking your financial ship, and answer the age old question of investing or paying down debt.
  • Step 3: Protect Your Cash Flow Learn how to prevent catastrophe and surprise expenses from sinking your cash flow plan.
  • Step 4: Pay Down Debt with Cash Flow What order should you pay down your debt?  How do you handle your student loans?  You'll find out here.
  • Step 5: Using Cash Flow to Invest Learn how much you need to be financially free, how to invest to get there, and why the biggest enemy to your success is staring you in the mirror.  

Practice Medicine Because You Want To; Not Because You Have To...

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