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Jen McAllaster, MD
General & Bariatric Surgeon

 "I wish I would have found physician coaching and the Alpha Coaching Experience at the very beginning of my career."


Drew Cronyn, MD

"This will undoubtedly buy extra years in my career." 


Serena H Chen, MD
Reproductive Endocrinologist

"The coaching has been invaluable to me... I can't say enough about the experience."


Carlos Pineda, MD
Vascular Surgeon

 "My only regret is not having done this sooner"

Who is the creator of the Alpha Coaching Experience?


Jimmy's background as a husband, father, physician, and side-hustle extraordinaire led him through a dark and lonely road through burnout (and Grave's disease).  His drug of choice to help him get through it all was an arrival fallacy - the idea that the "next" accomplishment would make him happy.

Through coaching, Jimmy was able to regain power and autonomy over his life.  He now loves the journey (and the life he and his family live), and now helps other doctors do the same.

Jimmy is originally from Florida, but now lives in North Carolina where he practices academic anesthesiology.  His wife Kristen is an educator, and they have three children.  Jimmy is also the founder of The Physician Philosopher blog/podcast.

When not practicing anesthesia, Jimmy enjoys golf (don't confuse this for being "good" at golf!), working on The Physician Philosopher, hanging out with Kristen, and playing Chess and video games with his kids.

Jimmy Turner, MD

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